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Better Together as ONE Integrative Health Academy

This Academy brings together, supports and educates diverse healthcare professionals who want to learn from one another and improve patient outcomes. In addition to the Learning Academy The Better Together as ONE Network unites practitioners on 3 different platforms:


Interactive Digital Magazine

This multi-media rich publication is chalk full of integrative health education with opportunity to interact with some of our expert Better Together as ONE  Academy Educators



This online conference provides an opportunity to virtually attend educational seminars. Get inspired and learn from leading professionals in your field


Conference and Trade Show

Breaking down the silos that currently exist in our healthcare system this face-to-face conference and virtual summit units conventional and complementary healthcare professionals to create a community of Better Together

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Core Confidence Certification

Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Function have become hot topics in women's health and women are seeking practitioners who are trained in assessing and screening for challenges as well as able to provide direction for movement and lifestyle modifications.  The Core Confidence for Healthcare Professionals course will provide you with a solid understanding of female core and pelvic floor anatomy and function as well as hands on assessment techniques you can do to screen for challenges like incontinence, organ prolapse, chronic back pain and diastasis recti. 

Naturally Reduce Stress & Anxiety with MPS Therapy

Stress & Anxiety are rampant in our Society.  Everyone is affected by stress.This course will teach you proven and scientific protocols for Stress Reduction using the Dolphin Neurostim.  Reducing stress is the key to decreasing pain and improving health and wellness.  These protocols are quick and can be used by practitioners in all settings for increased outcomes!