Integrative Health Approach to Patient and Self-Care

Integrative Health Approach to Patient and Self-Care

Better Together Learning Academy

$7,200.00 USD

  • Integrative Health Approach to Patient and Self-care $7200 CAD

    Overall Learning Outcome: 

    Now more than ever frontline healthcare workers are faced with increased demands and high levels of stress which is having a negative impact on their health and wellbeing. This course is designed for the diverse team (clinical, administrative and support staff) of residential and long-term care providers.  It offers essential skills and practical integrative health practices to help improve the health and well-being of caregivers and their patients.  

    70 hour blended course. Call to book training for your organization.

     Audience: Retirement and Long-Term Care Facility Front-line Workers

    • Nurses and Allied Health Professional (physiotherapist, occupational therapist)
    • Recreation staff
    • PSW
    • Chef and Food Services Staff


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Apply effective integration of health techniques and tools to patient care and self-care
    • Reduce the stress of both staff and patients
    • Improve body awareness and mobility in staff and patients
    • Identify the connection between gut and brain health and the role it plays in overall health
    • Apply innovative preventative strategies to improve overall health